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Other Selections by Martin Hengel

TitlePublication Date
Acts and the History of Earliest Christianity 03/2003
Between Jesus and Paul 03/2003
Crucifixion in the Ancient World and the Folly of the Message of the Cross 09/1977
Judaism and Hellenism 03/2003
Judaism and Hellenism 06/2012
Paul Between Damascus and Antioch 05/1997
Saint Peter 10/2010
Studies in the Gospel of Mark 03/2003
The 'Hellenization' of Judea in the First Century After Christ 03/2003
The Atonement 02/2007
The Charismatic Leader and His Followers 01/2005
The Four Gospels and the One Gospel of Jesus Christ 07/2000
The Son of God 02/2007
Victory Over Violence and Was Jesus a Revolutionist? 01/2003