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Other Selections by Bob Hartman

TitlePublication Date
Best Mates 04/2009
Best Mates Too! 08/2010
Bob Hartman's Old Testament Tales 05/2012
Carol 08/2010
Cheer Up Chicken 01/2002
More Bible Tales 11/2013
MR Aesop's Story Shop 06/2011
Mr Aesop's Story Shop 09/2012
Noah's Big Boat 10/2007
Off the Wall Bible Tales 06/2015
Polly and the Frog and Other Folk Tales 05/2004
Tapestry 01/2012
Telling the Bible 05/2007
Telling the Gospel 07/2015
The Big Pig Stampede 09/2015
The Easter Angels 02/2010
The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book 03/2010
The Lion Storyteller Bible [With 4 CDs] 04/2014
The Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales 07/2003
The Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales 10/2011
The Play-Along Bible 03/2016
The Three Billy Goats' Stuff! [With CD (Audio)] 04/2009