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Other Selections by Daniel J. Harrington

TitlePublication Date
1 Peter, Jude and 2 Peter 11/2008
Gospel of Matthew 10/2007
How Do Catholics Read the Bible? 06/2005
How to Read the Gospels 01/1996
Interpreting the Old Testament 06/1981
Invitation to the Apocrypha 09/1999
Jesus 08/2007
Jesus Ben Sira of Jerusalem 10/2005
Meeting St. Matthew Today 10/2010
Sacra Pagina - 1 Peter, Jude and 2 Peter 06/2003
Sacra Pagina - Hebrews 05/2007
Sacra Pagina - Hebrews 10/2009
Sacra Pagina - James 11/2003
Sacra Pagina - James 04/2009
Studies in the New Testament and Gnosticism 09/2007
The Gospel According to Matthew 08/1985
The Gospel of Mark 12/2002
The Gospel of Mark 09/2005
The Gospel of Matthew 12/1991
The Letter to the Hebrews 04/2006
The Maccabean Revolt 10/2005
The Pastoral Epistles 10/2007
The Targum Jonathan of the Former Prophets 05/1987
What Are They Saying about the Letter to the Hebrews? 04/2005
What Are We Hoping For 10/2006
Who Is Jesus? Why Is He Important? 04/1999
Why Do We Hope? 02/2008
Why Do We Suffer? 02/2000
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