Jim Hancock
Jim Hancock invested two decades as a church-based youth worker. Now he spends his days in Leucadia, California, writing and creating digital movies and learning designs for youth workers, parents, and adolescents. He?'s the author of Raising Adults, The Justice Mission, as well as many other resources, and co-author of The Youth Worker?'s Guide to Helping Teens in Crisis.
Other Selections by Jim Hancock

TitlePublication Date
A Parent's Guide to Helping Teenagers In Crisis 12/2007
Como ayudar a Jovenes en Crisis 06/2007
Good Sex 2.0 Leader's Guide 12/2008
Good Sex 2.0 Student Journal 12/2008
How to Volunteer Like a Pro 01/2009
Lo Que (Casi) Nadie Te Dira Acerca del Sexo 08/2009
Padres A Prueba de Crisis 05/2010
Posers, Fakers, & Wannabes 07/2003
Take Your Pick...Holidays 08/2011
The Justice Mission Curriculum Kit 12/2006
The Justice Mission Leader's Guide 09/2002
The Volunteer's Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis 08/2012
The Volunteer's Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis Participant's Guide 08/2012
The Youth Worker's Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisis 12/2007