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Other Selections by Frank Hammond

TitlePublication Date
Breaking Demonic Strongholds (2 CDs) 11/2014
Cerdos en la Sala = Pigs in the Parlor 01/2009
Comfort for the Wounded Spirit 08/1994
Confronting Familiar Spirits 01/1988
Cuando los Cerdos Se Mudan A Casa 12/2009
Demons and Deliverance 07/1991
Enfrentando ESP Ritus Familiares 08/2012
Forgiving Others 01/1995
Freedom from Demonic Soul Ties (2 CDs) 11/2014
God Warns America 06/2000
Kingdom Living for the Family 01/1985
Ligaduras del Alma 08/2012
Manual de Liberacion Para Ninos 04/2008
Manual for Childrens Deliverance 07/1996
Marriage Bed 01/1999
Nearly Dead 09/2003
Obstacles to Deliverance - Why Deliverance Sometimes Fails 01/2002
Obstacles to Deliverance Audio 10/2014
Our Warfare - Against Demons and Territorial Spirits 01/1991
Pigs in the Parlor 08/1990
Pigs in the Parlor Spanish 04/2008
Poltergeists - Demons in the Home 03/2015
Praise - A Weapon of Warfare and Deliverance 02/2015
Promoted by God 01/1989
Repercussions from Sexual Sins 01/2002
Rompiendo Las Maldiciones 04/2008
Rompiendo Las Maldiciones 04/2010
Saints at War 07/1987
Soul Ties 01/1988
Spiritual Warfare for Lost Loved Ones 03/2015
Tale of Two Franks - 40 Miraculous Deliverance Testimonies 01/2000
The Breaking of Curses 08/1993
The Discerning of Spirits 11/2014
The Discerning of Spirits (Audio CD) 10/2014
The Father's Blessing 01/2001
The Perils of Passivity 01/2004
The Strongman of Unbelief 01/2002
Victoria Sobre El Rechazo 04/2008
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