Other Selections by Dikran Y. Hadidian

TitlePublication Date
A Little Book of Christian Questions and Responses 08/2004
Ambushed by Grace 01/1993
Bursting of New Wineskins 01/1978
Calvin's Doxology 08/2004
Candid Questions Concerning Gospel Form Criticism 08/2004
Christ in Our Place 08/2004
Christus Faber 08/2004
Clouded Witness 01/1982
Coleridge as Poet and Religious Thinker 08/2004
Contemporary Political Orders and Christ 08/2004
Controversy and Conciliation 08/1986
Critical Realism and the New Testament 08/2004
Crux Imperatorum Philosophia 01/1976
Divine Drama in History and Liturgy 01/1984
Evangelicalism and Karl Barth 08/2004
Exegesis 08/2004
Female and Male 08/2004
For God and Clarity 08/2004
Fourth Gospel and the Jews 01/1975
Frederic Henry Hedge 08/2004
Freedom and Civilization Among the Greeks 01/1987
Freedom or Order? 01/1984
From Faith to Faith 01/1979
Future of the Church 01/1974
Gladstone 08/2004
God with Us 01/1991
Intergerini Parietis Septvm (Eph. 2 08/2004
Jesus, the Parable of God 08/2004
Karl Barth's Theology of Culture 01/1983
Manipulated Man 01/1977
My Father-In-Law 08/2004
New Testament Traditions and Apocryphal Narratives 08/2004
Orientation by Disorientation 08/2004
Prophet, Pastor, Protestant 01/1984
R.S. Thomas 12/1981
Reformatio Perennis 01/1981
Reformed Roots of the English New Testament 01/1980
Rhetorical Criticism 01/1974
Samaritan Documents 08/2004
Scripture in History and Theology 08/2004
Searching for Lost Coins 08/2004
Spirit Within Structure 01/1983
Structuralism 08/2004
Studies of the Church in History 08/2004
The Church's Confession Under Hitler 08/2004
The Emergence of Contemporary Judaism, Part I and II 01/1980
The Emergence of Contemporary Judaism, Volume 2 01/1977
The Emergence of Contemporary Judaism, Volume 3 01/1986
The Epigones 01/1989
The Hermeneutical Quest 08/2004
The Holy Spirit in the Theology of Karl Barth 01/1991
The Kitchen Saint and the Heritage of Islam 08/2004
The Little Church That Refused to Die 08/2004
The New Testament and Structuralism 08/2004
The Path to Transcendence 08/2004
The Present and the Past 08/2004
The Quest for Church Unity 08/2004
The Samaritan Problem 08/2004
The Semiotics of the Passion Narrative 08/2004
The Trial of Jesus Continues 08/2004
The Triune God 01/1986
Theology Beyond Christendom 01/1986
To Save Their Heathen Souls 01/1984
Tradition Renewed 08/2004
When Man Becomes God 01/1975
Where Is My Home? 08/2004
Worship and Reformed Theology 08/2004