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Other Selections by Colin E. Gunton

TitlePublication Date
A Brief Theology of Revelation 07/2005
A Brief Theology of Revelation 06/2016
Dogmatics in Outline 03/2012
Enlightenment and Alienation 12/2006
Exploring and Proclaiming the Apostles' Creed 11/2004
Father, Son and Spirit 11/2003
In the Likeness of Sinful Flesh 03/1993
Intellect and Action 03/2005
On Being the Church 01/1993
Revelation and Reason 01/2009
The Actuality of Atonement 12/2003
The Actuality of Atonement 06/2016
The Barth Lectures 07/2007
The One, the Three and the Many 12/2006
The Promise of Trinitarian Theology 10/2003
The Promise of Trinitarian Theology [Adobe Ebook] 10/2003
The Theologian as Preacher 05/2007
The Theology of Reconciliation 05/2003
The Triune Creator 12/1998
Theology Through Preaching 03/2005
Trinity, Time, and Church 01/2011
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