Philip Gulley
Philip Gulley is the bestselling author of "Front Porch Tales" and the acclaimed Harmony series, as well as "If Grace Is True" and "If God Is Love", coauthored with James Mulholland. He and his wife, Joan, live in Indiana with their sons, Spencer and Sam.

Other Selections by Philip Gulley

TitlePublication Date
A Change of Heart 06/2006
A Gathering in Hope 09/2016
A Gathering in Hope 05/2017
A Lesson in Hope 09/2015
A Lesson in Hope 05/2016
A Place Called Hope 05/2015
Almost Friends 07/2007
Christmas in Harmony 10/2002
For Everything a Season 04/2007
Front Porch Tales 11/2001
Front Porch Tales 04/2007
Home to Harmony 03/2004
Hometown Tales 04/2007
I Love You, Miss Huddleston 04/2009
I Love You, Miss Huddleston 05/2010
If God Is Love 11/2004
If God Is Love 10/2005
If Grace Is True 02/2010
If the Church Were Christian 02/2011
Just Shy of Harmony 03/2004
Life Goes on 03/2005
Living the Quaker Way 09/2013
Living the Quaker Way 11/2014
Signs and Wonders 03/2004
The Christmas Scrapbook 09/2005
The Evolution of Faith 06/2011
The Evolution of Faith 06/2012
The Evolution of Faith LP 06/2011