Other Selections by Lester L. Grabbe

TitlePublication Date
'Every City Shall Be Forsaken' 10/2001
A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period, Volume 2 09/2008
Ancient Israel 12/2007
Constructs of Prophecy in the Former and Latter Prophets and Other Texts 10/2011
Did Moses Speak Attic? 03/2001
Enquire of the Former Age 10/2011
Enquire of the Former Age 03/2013
Exile and Restoration Revisited 12/2011
Good Kings and Bad Kings 08/2005
Israel in Transition 2 09/2012
Israel in Transition, Volume 1 06/2008
Israel in Transition, volume 2 11/2010
Judah Between East and West 05/2013
Judaic Religion in the Second Temple Period 08/2000
Knowing the End from the Beginning 01/2004
Knowing the End from the Beginning 04/2004
Leading Captivity Captive 09/1998
Leviticus 09/1993
Like a Bird in a Cage 06/2003
Open-Mindedness in the Bible and Beyond 08/2015
Priests in the Prophets 12/2004
Wisdom of Solomon 01/2004
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