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Other Selections by Mary Kathleen Glavich

TitlePublication Date
A Crash Course in Teaching Religion 09/2006
A Guide to Quiet Types of Prayer 02/2015
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta 08/2003
Discipline Tips 07/2004
God's Angels, Our Friends 07/2008
Gospel Theater for the Whole Community 01/2001
Handbook for Catholics 03/2009
Knowing Jesus 09/1997
Leading Young Catholics Into Scripture 11/2010
Making Prayer Part of Your Daily Life 11/2014
Prayer First! 08/2008
Saints Kit 03/2013
St Therese Lisieux 08/2003
The Bible 07/2008
The Catholic Companion to Jesus 01/2010
The Catholic Companion to Mary 05/2007
The Catholic Companion to the Psalms 09/2008
The Confirmed Catholic's Companion 03/2005
The Essential Guide to Catholic Terms 02/2014
The Gift of Confirmation 01/2004
The Gift of Confirmation Sponsors 01/2004
The Gift of Holy Communion 05/2003
The Gift of Reconciliation 09/2002
Totally Catholic! 02/2013
Weekday Liturgies for Children 09/2012
Why Is Jesus in the Microwave? 03/2015