Laurence Freeman
Laurence Freeman, OSB is a Benedictine monk and Director of the World Community for Christian Mediation, founded by John Main. He is the author of "Jesus the Teacher Within", "Light Within", and writes for The Tablet, where this book first appeared as a series of columns.
Other Selections by Laurence Freeman

TitlePublication Date
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Jesus, the Mantra of God 12/2006
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John Main 07/2014
John Main [ePub Ebook] 01/2013
Light Within 07/2008
Moment of Christ 06/2014
Monastery Without Walls 07/2011
Monastery without Walls [ePub Ebook] 02/2015
Silence and Stillness in Every Season 02/1998
The Good Heart 03/2016
The Heart of Creation 05/2008
The Selfless Self 07/2014