Rebekah Simon-Peter

Rebekah Simon-Peter is the developer of the award-winning group coaching program, Creating a Culture of Renewal which interrupts church decline, and empowers church leaders to do the impossible with people who may not even get along! 

Raised in New England, Rebekah is now the President of Rebekah Simon-Peter Coaching and Consulting Inc., an extension ministry of the Rocky Mountain Conference. Rebekah is also an accomplished author whose books include The Jew Named Jesus, Green Church: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice!, and 7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church.

A budding organic gardener, decent skier, and all out dog-lover, she lives in Casper, Wyoming with her husband Jerry Gonzales and their two furry friends, Max and Maddie.

Other Selections by Rebekah Simon-Peter

TitlePublication Date
7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church 03/2010
7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church - eBook [ePub] 03/2010
Green Church 03/2010
Green Church - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Green Church - Leader Guide 03/2010
The Jew Named Jesus 09/2013
The Jew Named Jesus - eBook [ePub] 09/2013