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Other Selections by Mitch Finley

TitlePublication Date
101 Ways to Happiness 03/2005
Building Christian Families 10/2000
Catholic Is Wonderful! 09/1994
Everybody Has a Guardian Angel 06/2015
For Men Only 05/1998
It's Not the Same Without You 01/2014
Joy - Eucharistic Minister 03/1998
Joy of Being a Lector 02/1999
Living Scripture 10/1990
Living Scripture 08/1992
Saint Anthony and Saint Jude 09/2001
Season of New Beginnings 02/1996
Season of Promises 09/1995
Sometimes I Haven't Got a Prayer 01/2003
Sometimes I Haven't Got a Prayer 04/2003
The Catholic Virtues 10/1999
The Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy 08/2003
The Gospel Truth 06/2015
The Heart and Soul of Imitating Christ 12/2005
The Patron Saints Handbook [ePub Ebook] 09/2010
The Rosary Handbook 03/2006
The Rosary Handbook [ePub Ebook] 03/2007
The Seeker's Guide to Being Catholic 06/2010
The Seeker's Guide to Saints 03/2016
The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit 01/2001
The Ten Commandments 10/2000
The True Meaning of Christmas 09/2008
Whispers of God's Love 09/2004
You Are My Beloved 03/1999
Your One-Stop Guide to Mary 06/2015