Other Selections by Doug Fields

TitlePublication Date
10-Minute Moments - Plugged In 05/2009
7 Ways to Be Her Hero 06/2014
7 Ways to Be Her Hero 06/2014
7 Ways to Be Her Hero (Library Edition) 06/2014
Ayudenme, Soy Un Lider de Jovenes! 11/2002
Buenos Chicos, Grandes Eventos y Camisetas Que Hacen Juego 09/2015
Congratulations...You're Gifted! 05/2008
Connecting in Jesus Student Journal 01/2006
Connecting Your Heart to Others Student Journal 08/2003
Creative Bible Lessons From the Life of Christ 05/1994
Creative Times With God 11/2009
Descubriendo Tus Talentos 06/2011
El Recargado 09/2010
Fresh Start 12/2011
Getting Ready for Marriage 09/2014
Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook 02/2015
Good Kids, Big Events, & Matching T-Shirts 03/2015
Growing in Jesus Student Journal 01/2006
Growing to Be Like Jesus Student Journal 08/2003
Help! I'm a Student Leader 08/2005
Help! I'm a Volunteer Youth Worker! 01/1993
How Your Teenager Is Wired 03/2011
Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright. 06/2010
Mentoring from Start to Finish 11/2010
Ministerio de Jovenes Con Proposito 10/2000
One Minute Bible for Students 07/2007
Plugged In 01/2016
Preguntas Provocativas Para Adolescentes 09/2012
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry 02/2013
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Training Kit Additional Facilitator's Guide 04/2000
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Training Kit Additional Participant's Guide 04/2000
Refuel 11/2011
Screen Play 2 CD 03/2003
Serving Like Jesus Student Journal 01/2006
Serving Others in Love Student Journal 08/2003
Sharing Jesus Student Journal 01/2006
Sharing Your Story and God's Story Student Journal 08/2003
Siete Maneras de Ser Su Heroe 12/2014
Speaking to Teenagers 10/2007
Spiritual Gifts 08/2008
Spiritual Gifts DVD 08/2008
Spontaneous Melodramas 04/1996
Spontaneous Melodramas 2 02/2001
Surrendering to Jesus Student Journal 01/2006
Surrendering Your Life to Honor God Student Journal 08/2003
The Christian Life DVD 07/2008
The First Few Years of Marriage 02/2017
The Way I'm Wired 03/2011
The Way I'm Wired DVD Curriculum 04/2011
Uncommon Games and Icebreakers 01/0001
Videos That Teach 09/1999
Worship Band from Start to Finish 06/2008
Would You Rather...? 01/1996
Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry 07/2002