Barbara Younger

Barbara Younger is the author of Purple Mountain Majesties, a children's picture book, and the coauthor of six books, including Hooray for Children's Church and Creative Ways to Offer Praise. She lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

She is a f ormer school librarian and together with Lisa Flinn are the author s of a number of books, including Sing It, Say It, Make It, Pray It and Other Ways to Write God's Word on Your Heart.


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Other Selections by Barbara Younger

TitlePublication Date
A Moment with God for Children - eBook [ePub] 06/2011
A Year's Worth of Children's Church 07/2003
Around the Year in Children's Church 08/2012
Around the Year in Children's Church - eBook [ePub] 08/2012
Celebrating God's World in Children's Church 06/2005