William H. Willimon

Feeling most at home behind a pulpit, Will Willimon’s deepest calling is to be a preacher and truth-teller of Jesus Christ. He is Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke University Divinity School and retired Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church, after serving for 20 years as faculty member and Dean of the Chapel at Duke University. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.

Will Willimon has published many books, including his preaching subscription service on MinistryMatters.com, Pulpit Resource, and Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love, both published by Abingdon Press.

Other Selections by William H. Willimon

TitlePublication Date
A Will to Lead and the Grace to Follow 05/2011
A Will to Lead and the Grace to Follow - eBook [ePub] 10/2010
Bishop 04/2012
Bishop - eBook [ePub] 04/2012
Calling & Character 10/2000
Calling & Character - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
CEB Wesley Study Bible Gray Cloth 03/2016
CEB Wesley Study Bible, DecoTone 11/2012
Conversations with Barth on Preaching 05/2006
Conversations with Barth on Preaching - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Creation 11/2015
Creation - eBook [ePub] 11/2015
Fear of the Other 04/2016
Fear of the Other - eBook [ePub] 04/2016
Holy Communion 12/2014
Holy Communion - eBook [ePub] 12/2014
Incarnation 11/2013
Incarnation - eBook [ePub] 11/2013
Lord, Teach Us 02/1996
New Revised Standard Version Wesley Study Bible 02/2009
Pastor 10/2002
Pastor: Revised Edition 02/2016
Proclamation and Theology 09/2005
Proclamation And Theology - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Pulpit Resource/Abingdon Preaching Annual Digital Subscription 03/2016
Resident Aliens 04/2014
Resident Aliens - eBook [ePub] 04/2014
Sinning Like a Christian 02/2013
Thank God It's Friday 10/2006
Thank God It's Friday - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Thank God It’s Thursday 02/2013
Thank God It’s Thursday - eBook [ePub] 02/2013
The Best of Will Willimon 03/2012
The Best of Will Willimon - eBook [ePub] 03/2012
The Holy Spirit 10/2015
The Holy Spirit - eBook [ePub] 10/2015
The Truth About God 04/1999
The Truth About God - eBook [ePub] 08/2010
This We Believe 05/2010
This We Believe - eBook [ePub] 05/2010
This We Believe Leader's Guide 05/2010
This We Believe Leader's Guide - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Trinity 05/2015
Trinity - eBook [ePub] 05/2015
Undone by Easter 10/2009
Who Lynched Willie Earle? 02/2017
Who Lynched Willie Earle? - eBook [ePub] 02/2017
Who Will Be Saved? 04/2008
Who Will Be Saved? - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Why I Am a United Methodist 04/1990
Why I am a United Methodist - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Why Jesus? 10/2010
Why Jesus? - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
Worship as Pastoral Care 06/1982
Worship as Pastoral Care - eBook [ePub] 06/1982