Thomas H. Troeger
Professor Thomas H. Troeger has written 20 books in the fields of preaching, poetry, hymnody and worship; is a frequent contributor to journals dedicated to these topics; and is a monthly columnist for Lectionary Homiletics and The American Organist. His most recent books include Wonder Reborn: preaching on hymns, music and poetry; God, You Made All Things for Singing: Hymn texts, anthems, and poems for a new millennium; So that All Might Know: Preaching that Engages the Whole Congregation (with Edward Everding); Preaching While the Church Is Under Reconstruction; Above the Moon Earth Rises: Hymn Texts, Anthems and Poems for a New Creation.

He is also a flutist and a poet whose work appears in the hymnals of most denominations and is frequently set as choral anthems. Professor Troeger has a B.A. Yale University; B.D. Colgate Rochester Divinity School; S.T.D. Dickinson College; Virginia Theological Seminary. He is ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church and as a minister in the Presbyterian Church.
Other Selections by Thomas H. Troeger

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Sermon Sparks - eBook [ePub] 11/2011
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Ten Strategies for Preaching in a Multi Media Culture 03/1996
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