John Eldredge
John Eldredge is the founder and director of Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a fellowship devoted to helping people recover and live from their heart. John is the author of numerous books, including Epic, Waking the Dead, Wild at Heart, The Journey of Desire, and co-author of Captivating and The Sacred Romance. John lives in Colorado with his wife, Stasi, and  their three sons, Samuel, Blaine, and Luke.
Other Selections by John Eldredge

TitlePublication Date
Abba's Heart 08/2015
Amor y Guerra 05/2012
Beautiful Outlaw 10/2011
Beautiful Outlaw 04/2013
Beautiful Outlaw 04/2013
Captivating 04/2005
Captivating 04/2011
Captivating (Library Edition) 09/2010
Captivating - Journal 07/2005
Captivating Audiobook 03/2005
Captivating Heart to Heart Leaders Guide 07/2007
Captivating Heart to Heart Video Discussions 09/2009
Captivating Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul 07/2007
Cautivante 05/2005
Desire 04/2004
Desire 10/2007
Desire Study Guide 10/2007
Epic 03/2007
Epic 03/2015
Epic 03/2015
Epic Live DVD 08/2007
Epic Study Guide 03/2007
Fathered by God 04/2009
Fathered by God Audio CD 12/2009
Fathered by God Participant's Guide 11/2009
Free to Live 04/2014
Hermoso Proscrito 10/2011
Killing Lions 09/2014
Killing Lions 09/2016
Killing Lions (International Edition) 09/2014
Killing Lions Journal 09/2014
Knowing the Heart of God 09/2009
La Travesia del Corazon Salvaje 11/2006
Love & War 01/2011
Love & War 05/2011
Love & War DVD 03/2010
Love and War Devotional for Couples 10/2010
Love& War Participant's Guide 03/2010
Majestuoso 02/2016
Matar Leones 09/2014
Moving Mountains 02/2016
Moving Mountains 02/2016
Moving Mountains 02/2016
Moving Mountains 02/2016
Moving Mountains 02/2017
Moving Mountains - A DVD Study 02/2016
Moving Mountains Study Guide 02/2016
Mueve Montanas 07/2016
Sacred Romance 03/2004
Salvaje de Corazon 06/2003
Salvaje de Corazon 06/2010
Salvaje de Corazon = Wild at Heart 09/2005
Salvaje, de Corazon 10/2007
The Journey of Desire 09/2016
The Journey of Desire Journal and Guidebook 08/2002
The Journey of Desire Study Guide 03/2017
The Refreshed Heart 08/2015
The Refreshed Heart 08/2015
The Refreshed Heart 08/2015
The Sacred Romance 05/1997
The Sacred Romance Workbook and Journal 08/2000
The Utter Relief of Holiness 01/2013
The Utter Relief of Holiness 01/2013
The Waking the Dead Study Guide 03/2017
The Walking with God Study Guide 03/2017
The Way It All Works Study Guide with DVD 03/2016
Waking the Dead 11/2006
Waking the Dead 09/2016
Waking the Dead Workbook 11/2003
Walking with God 08/2010
Walking with God 11/2010
Walking with God 09/2016
Walking with God Workbook 04/2008
Wild at Heart 04/2003
Wild At Heart 11/2009
Wild at Heart 04/2011
Wild at Heart 05/2014
Wild at Heart 09/2015
Wild at Heart (Library Edition) 09/2010
Wild at Heart Facilitator's Guide 07/2004
Wild at Heart Field Manual 04/2002
Wild at Heart Video Discussions 11/2009
You Have What It Takes 03/2007
You Have What It Takes 04/2007