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Other Selections by Gene Edwards

TitlePublication Date
100 Days in the Secret Place 04/2002
100 Days in the Secret Place 09/2015
A Tale of Three Kings 05/1992
A Tale of Three Kings [ePub Ebook] 08/2010
Christ Before Creation 12/2003
Climb the Highest Mountain 01/1984
Dear Lillian 10/2002
El Dia en Que Fui Crucificado 04/2005
El Nacimiento 09/2002
El Prisionero de la Tercera Celda = Prisoner in the Third Cell 08/2008
Exquisite Agony (Crucified by Christians) 01/1995
Here's How to Win Souls 10/2014
How to Meet in Homes 08/2002
Letters to a Devastated Christian 12/2000
Living by the Highest Life 01/2005
Living Close to God (When You're Not Good at It) 10/2011
Mystics 05/2002
Perfil de Tres Monarcas 05/2004
Revolution 04/1987
Revolutionary Bible Study 02/2013
The Beginning 07/2003
The Birth 01/1986
The Christian Woman Set Free 11/2006
The Day I Was Crucified 01/2005
The Day I Was Crucified 01/2015
The Divine Romance 03/1993
The Divine Romance [ePub Ebook] 06/2011
The Escape 07/2003
The Inward Journey 12/2000
The Jeanne Guyon Nobody Knows 10/2014
The Passing of the Torch 03/1989
The Priscilla Diary 04/2007
The Prisoner in the Third Cell 05/1992
The Prisoner in the Third Cell [ePub Ebook] 05/2011
The Return 03/2004
The Secret to the Christian Life 12/2000
The Silas Diary 03/2005
The Timothy Diary 05/2003
The Titus Diary 05/1999
The Triumph 09/2003
Unleashing the Word of God 10/2009
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