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Other Selections by Dee Eastman

TitlePublication Date
Beginning Life Together - Six Sessions on God's Purposes for Your Life 08/2002
Connecting with God's Family - Six Sessions on Fellowship 08/2002
Developing Your Shape to Serve Others - Six Sessions on Ministry 08/2002
Faith 08/2015
Faith Study Guide 08/2015
Faith Study Guide with DVD 08/2015
Fitness Study Guide 08/2015
Fitness Study Guide with DVD 08/2015
Fitness: A DVD Study 08/2015
Focus Study Guide 08/2015
Focus Study Guide with DVD 08/2015
Focus: A DVD Study 08/2015
Food Study Guide 08/2015
Food Study Guide with DVD 08/2015
Food: A DVD Study 08/2015
Friends Study Guide 08/2015
Friends Study Guide with DVD 08/2015
Friends: A DVD Study 08/2015
Growing to Be Like Christ: Six Sessions on Discipleship 08/2002
Sharing Your Life Mission Every Day - Six Sessions on Evangelism 08/2002
Surrendering Your Life for God's Pleasure - Six Sessions on Worship 08/2002
The Daniel Plan Essentials Church-Wide Campaign Kit 08/2015