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Other Selections by Cliff Duren

TitlePublication Date
Burning Lights Audio Wav Files DVD-ROM 07/2013
Burning Lights Choral Book 06/2013
Burning Lights Orchestration/Conductor's Score CD-ROM 07/2013
Burning Lights Rhythm/Chord Charts CD-ROM 07/2013
Emmanuel Has Come Accompaniment CD (split-channel & stereo) 05/2011
Extreme Songs for Modern Youth Choir 11/2011
Free Indeed Accompaniment CD 04/2011
Free Indeed Accompaniment DVD 04/2011
It's All About the Blood with There Is a Fountain Orchestration 10/2007
Jesus Saves 07/2009
On the Banks of the Promised Land Orchestra Parts & Conductor's Score CDROM 10/2010
United 08/2013