Ted A. Campbell
Ted A. Campbell is Professor of Church History at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University and has authored the following books for Abingdon Press: Methodist Doctrine, Wesley and the Quadrilateral, Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society, and John Wesley and Christian Antiquity.  He lives in Dallas, Texas.


Other Selections by Ted A. Campbell

TitlePublication Date
Doctrina Metodista 08/2012
Doctrina Metodista - eBook [ePub] 08/2012
Methodist Doctrine 10/2011
Methodist Doctrine - eBook [ePub] 10/2011
The Sky Is Falling, the Church Is Dying and Other False Alarms 08/2015
The Works of John Wesley Volume 27 11/2015
Wesley and the Quadrilateral 09/1997
Wesleyan Beliefs 11/2010
Wesleyan Beliefs - eBook [ePub] 10/2010
Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society 08/2004
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