Annie Dillard

Dillard taught at Wesleyan University for over 20 years. She now tells us: I can no longer travel, can't meet with strangers, can't sign books but will sign labels with SASE, can't write by request, and can't answer letters. I've got to read and concentrate. Why? Beats me.

Other Selections by Annie Dillard

TitlePublication Date
An American Childhood 10/2013
For the Time Being 02/2000
Living by Fiction 01/2000
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 09/2013
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 09/2013
Teaching a Stone to Talk 10/2013
The Abundance 03/2016
The Abundance: Narrative Essays Old and New 02/2017
The Writing Life 11/2013
Three by Annie Dillard 11/1990