Barbara Bruce
Barbara Bruce has worked as a Christian educator for nearly twenty years. She is the owner of “Process: CREATIVITY,” a consulting firm offering workshops in creative and critical thinking. She is the author of Teaching Children Bible Basics, 7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Children, Standing Up Against the Odds, Start Here; Teaching and Learning With Adults, 7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Adults, and Our Spiritual Brain.  Her most recent publication is Mental Aerobics: 75 Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit.

Other Selections by Barbara Bruce

TitlePublication Date
7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Adults 09/2000
7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Children 10/1996
7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Children - eBook [ePub] 12/2011
Can Popular Culture Provide Entry into Christian Education? 09/2005
Can You Hear Me Now? 06/2006
Church Libraries 09/2006
Dreaming a Teaching Space 04/2007
Either/Or...Both/And 03/2006
Journey Through the Bible Volume 4: 1 Samuel - 2 Samuel Leader's Guide 12/2000
Just Press Play 09/2006
Mental Aerobics 02/2004
Our Spiritual Brain 03/2002
Sunday School Start Up 01/2007
Teaching Children Bible Basics 11/1999
Teaching Children Bible Basics - eBook [ePub] 12/2011
Triangular Teaching 02/2007
Triangular Teaching - eBook [ePub] 10/2010
Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2015 G-Force Adult Study Book 01/2015
Yes! Diversity Is More than Racial and Ethnic Differences 12/2005
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