John Dominic Crossan
Crossan is a theologian who focuses on the historical Jesus and His message of inclusiveness, tolerance and liberation and is an expert in the non-canonical gospels.
Other Selections by John Dominic Crossan

TitlePublication Date
A Fragile Craft 01/1981
Birth of Christianity 04/1999
Cliffs of Fall 03/2008
Essential Jesus 03/2008
Excavating Jesus 11/2003
Finding Is the First Act 03/2008
First Light DVD 03/2009
Four Other Gospels 03/2008
God and Empire 03/2007
God and Empire 02/2008
Historical Jesus 02/1993
How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian 03/2015
How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian 07/2016
In Fragments 03/2008
In Parables 10/1994
In Search of Paul 11/2005
Jesus 10/2009
Raid on the Articulate 03/2008
Sayings Parallels 03/2008
Semeia 19 01/1981
The Birth of Christianity 03/1999
The Cross That Spoke 03/2008
The First Christmas 10/2009
The First Paul 03/2009
The First Paul 03/2010
The Greatest Prayer 09/2010
The Greatest Prayer 08/2011
The Historical Jesus 10/2009
The Historical Jesus in Context 11/2006
The Jesus Controversy 11/1999
The Last Week 01/2007
The Power of Parable 03/2012
The Power of Parable 02/2013
Who is Jesus? 06/1999
Who Killed Jesus? 02/1996