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Other Selections by John Court

TitlePublication Date
A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts 06/2005
A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts 03/2012
Ancient Rhetoric and Paul's Apology 01/2011
Aramaic Sources of Mark's Gospel 11/2011
Consolation in Philippians 09/2001
Covenant and Sacrifice in the Letter to the Hebrews 07/2005
Discipleship and Family Ties in Mark and Matthew 06/2005
Endurance in Suffering 06/2005
God and History in the Book of Revelation 07/2005
Hebrews and Hermeneutics 06/2004
Hebrews and Perfection 06/2005
Jesus and Israel's Traditions of Judgement and Restoration 07/2005
John's Apologetic Christology 08/2008
Leadership and Lifestyle 08/2000
Luke and the Law 07/2005
Philippians 01/2011
Pontius Pilate in History and Interpretation 10/2004
Revelation 03/1994
Rhetoric and Galatians 12/1998
The Concept of Purity at Qumran and in the Letters of Paul 07/2005
The Epistle to the Hebrews 04/2005
The Melchizedek Tradition 06/2005
The Pastoral Letters as Composite Documents 04/2004
The Son of Man Debate 12/2010
The Voice of Jesus in the Social Rhetoric of James 01/2000
Wisdom in the Q-Tradition 06/2004