Other Selections by Paul Copan

TitlePublication Date
An Introduction to Biblical Ethics 06/2014
Come Let Us Reason 04/2012
Contending with Christianity's Critics 08/2009
Creation Out of Nothing 06/2004
Did God Really Command Genocide? 11/2014
Holy War in the Bible 04/2013
How Do You Know You're Not Wrong? 08/2005
Is God a Moral Monster? 01/2011
Jesus Resurrection 10/2000
Loving Wisdom 11/2007
Passionate Conviction 10/2007
That's Just Your Interpretation 11/2001
The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas 06/2014
True for You, But Not for Me 06/2009
What Is Truth 07/2007
When God Goes to Starbucks 08/2008
Who Was Jesus? 10/2001
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