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Other Selections by Joel Comiskey

TitlePublication Date
An Appointment with the King 11/2003
Biblical Foundations for the Cell-Based Church 11/2012
Coach [Adobe Ebook] 01/2008
Como Ser un Excelente Asesor de Grupos Celulares 08/2008
Explosion de Liderazgo 06/2010
From 12 to 3 01/2002
Groups of 12 12/1999
How to Lead a Great Cell Group Meeting... 01/2001
La Explosion de la Iglesia Celular 09/2008
La Explosion de los Grupos Celulares en los Hogares 09/2008
Leadership Explosion 04/2008
Passion and Persistence 08/2004
Reap the Harvest 01/1999