Joan Chittister
Joan Chittister, is a member and former prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and currently the executive director of the Alliance for International Monasticism (AIM). She is also the author of "Psalm Journal, Winds of Change, " and "WomanStrength: Modern Church, Modern Women."
Other Selections by Joan Chittister

TitlePublication Date
A Passion for Life 01/2014
Aspects of the Heart 10/2012
Becoming Fully Human 04/2005
Between the Dark and the Daylight 06/2015
Called to Community 05/2016
Called to Community [ePub Ebook] 05/2016
Called to Question 04/2004
Called to Question 01/2009
Following the Path 04/2012
For Everything a Season 03/2013
Gifts in the Ruins 09/2004
God's Tender Mercy 08/2010
Happiness 10/2011
Happiness 02/2013
Heart of Flesh 04/1998
Illuminated Life 01/2010
In God's Holy Light 09/2015
In God's Holy Light 09/2015
In Search of Belief Revised Edition 09/2006
In the Heart of the Temple 10/2004
Life Ablaze 02/2000
Light in the Darkness 05/1998
Listen with the Heart 08/2003
Living a Life of Mercy 11/2016
Living Well 10/2000
Praying with the Benedictines 03/2007
Radical Spirit 04/2017
Searching for Spirituality 01/0001
Songs of the Heart 05/2011
Spiritual Questions for the Twenty-First Century 03/2001
The Art of Life 10/2012
The Breath of the Soul 05/2009
The Friendship of Women 04/2006
The Gift of Years 05/2008
The Gift of Years 09/2010
The Human Spirit and the Times We Live In (2 DVD set) (DVD) 12/2015
The Liturgical Year 12/2010
The Monastery of the Heart 05/2011
The Radical Christian Life 02/2012
The Rule of Benedict 09/2010
The Sacred In-Between 10/2013
The Way of the Cross 08/2013
The Way We Were 04/2008
The Wisdom of the Benedictine Elders 05/2005
Two Dogs and a Parrot 10/2015
Uncommon Gratitude 05/2010
Uncommon Gratitude 03/2011
Uncommon Gratitude 04/2014
Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning for You 02/2011
Wisdom Distilled from the Daily 03/2009