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Other Selections by Bruce Chilton

TitlePublication Date
Authenticating the Activities of Jesus 08/2002
Authenticating the Words of Jesus 08/2002
Comparing Spiritualities 05/2000
God in the World 04/2004
Jesus Baptism and Jesus Healing 10/1998
Jesus' Prayer and Jesus' Eucharist 05/1997
Jewish-Christian Debates 09/2000
Judaism in Late Antiquity, I, II, III 01/2002
Mary Magdalene 11/2006
Pure Kingdom 07/1996
Rabbi Jesus 02/2002
Rabbi Paul 08/2004
Rabbi Paul 11/2005
Religious Tolerance in World Religions 05/2008
Revelation 04/2004
Soundings in the Religion of Jesus 07/2012
Studying the New Testament 07/2010
The Brother of Jesus 10/2001
The Cambridge Companion to the Bible 11/2007
The Cambridge Companion to the Bible 12/2007
The Isaiah Targum 04/1987
The Missing Jesus 02/2003
Trading Places 04/2004
Trading Places Sourcebook 04/2004