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Other Selections by Joseph M. Champlin

TitlePublication Date
A Way of Life 08/2004
Communion of the Sick 03/2014
El Via Crucis 06/1996
Firm, But Kind and Gentle 10/2007
From Time to Eternity and Back 03/2004
Joy of Being an Altar Server 08/2002
Juntos Para Toda La Vida 06/2012
Marriage and Holy Orders 05/2007
Meeting the Merciful Christ 07/2005
Preparing for Eternity 03/2007
Should We Marry? 10/2001
Slow Down 02/2004
The Breaking of the Bread 01/2005
The Eucharist 08/2005
The Marginal Catholic 08/2000
The Rite of Marriage 12/2011
The Stations of the Cross with Pope John Paul II 06/1994
Through Death to Life (REV) 02/2012
Together for Life 01/2012
What It Means to Be Catholic 03/2007
Why Go to Confession? 09/1995