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Other Selections by Oliver D. Crisp

TitlePublication Date
A Reader in Contemporary Philosophical Theology 10/2009
Advancing Trinitarian Theology 11/2014
After Jonathan Edwards 08/2012
Christianity and the Disciplines 09/2012
Christianity and the Disciplines 02/2014
Christianity and the Disciplines [ePub Ebook] 11/2012
Christology, Ancient and Modern 10/2013
Deviant Calvinism 09/2014
God Incarnate 10/2009
Jonathan Edwards's Bible 08/2013
Jonathan Edwards's Bible 08/2013
Jonathan Edwards's Bible [ePub Ebook] 08/2013
Retrieving Doctrine 04/2011
Text Message 03/2014
Text Message [ePub Ebook] 03/2014
The Evangelical Universalist 05/2012
Theology and Philosophy 11/2011
Theology and Philosophy 06/2013