Sergio Cariello
Sergio Cariello paid his way through school with his drawing ability. In addition to working on popular characters from Marvel and DC Comics, he taught at the acclaimed Joe Kubert School of Cartoons and Graphic Art.
Other Selections by Sergio Cariello

TitlePublication Date
Action Bible Guess-It Game 03/2014
La Biblia En Accion 09/2012
La Biblia En Accion NT 01/2014
La Historia de Jesu Cristo 25-Pack 05/2012
Son of Samson and the Sword of Revenge 11/2009
Son of Samson and the Tears of Jehovah 05/2012
Son of Samson and the Witch of Endor 08/2013
The Action Bible 09/2010
The Action Bible 09/2010
The Action Bible Christmas Story 25-Pack 10/2011
The Action Bible Handbook 03/2013
The Action Bible New Testament 03/2012
The Action Bible Study Bible ESV 09/2015
The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story 10/2015
The Action Storybook Bible 10/2016
The Battle Begins 10/2014
The Heroes of God 04/2009
The Maiden of Thunder 02/2008
The Raiders of Joppa 05/2008
The Story of Jesus 25-Pack 05/2012