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Other Selections by Charles Capps

TitlePublication Date
Angels 01/1984
Calling Things That Are Not 03/2016
Changing the Seen and Shaping the Unseen 01/1981
Como Usar la Autoridad Espiritual 04/2006
El Poder Creativo de Dios 09/2013
El Poder Creativo de Dios Para Sanar = God's Creative Power for Healing 01/1999
End Time Events - Paperback 11/2003
Faith and Confession 05/1992
Faith That Will Not Change 10/2010
Faith That Will Work for You DS 08/2009
God's Creative Power for Finances 10/2009
God's Creative Power for Healing 10/2009
God's Creative Power Gift Collection 10/2009
God's Creative Power Will Work for You 10/2009
God's Image of You 01/2006
Hope 07/2010
How You Can Avoid Tragedy and Live a Better Life 08/2010
Kicking Over Sacred Cows 01/1983
La Esperanza - Companera de La Fe 08/2009
Libere El Poder de Dios a Traves de La Oracion 07/2006
Sp/El Poder Creativo de Dios (Gcp) 02/2010
Sp/Siembra y Cosecha (Seedtime & Harvest) 10/2009
Success Motivation Through the Word 02/2010
The Light of Life in the Spirit of Man 01/1987
The Light of Life in the Spirit of Man 01/2010
The Substance of Things 01/1990
The Tongue a Creative Force 03/2010
Thermostat of Hope 05/2015
Tongue - A Creative Force Gift Edition 05/2011
Triumph Over the Enemy 08/2010
When Jesus Prays Through You 02/2010
Your Spiritual Authority 11/2009