Walter Brueggemann
Walter Brueggemann is William Marcellus McPheeters Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary. A past president of the Society of Biblical Literature, he is one of today's preeminent interpreters of Scripture.

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Other Selections by Walter Brueggemann

TitlePublication Date
A Commentary on Jeremiah 01/1998
A Pathway of Interpretation 01/2009
A Social Reading of the Old Testament 01/1994
Abiding Astonishment 05/1991
An Introduction to the Old Testament 11/2003
An Introduction to the Old Testament [ePub Ebook] 11/2003
An Unsettling God 07/2009
Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth 12/2002
Believing Aloud 09/2010
Cadences of Home 10/1997
Connecting to the Gospel 02/2010
David and His Theologian 10/2011
David's Truth 09/2000
Disruptive Grace 02/2011
Divine Presence Amid Violence 02/2009
Embracing the Transformation 11/2013
Finally Comes the Poet 01/1989
First and Second Samuel [ePub Ebook] 09/2012
From Whom No Secrets Are Hid 09/2014
Genesis [ePub Ebook] 01/2010
Great Prayers of the Old Testament 10/2008
Hope for the World 09/2001
Hope Within History 11/1988
Ice Axes for Frozen Seas 09/2014
Ichabod Toward Home 10/2005
In Man We Trust 02/2006
Interpretation and Obedience 01/1991
Interpretation Bible Commentary - First and Second Samuel 02/1990
Interpretation Bible Commentary - First and Second Samuel 09/2012
Interpretation Bible Commentary - Genesis 02/1991
Interpretation Bible Commentary - Genesis 01/2010
Into Your Hand 12/2014
Isaiah 1-39 [ePub Ebook] 10/1998
Isaiah 40-66 [ePub Ebook] 10/1998
Journey to the Common Good 01/2010
Learning to Sing in a Strange Land 01/2009
Letters to Peter 02/2010
Like Fire in the Bones 09/2006
Like Fire in the Bones 01/2011
Living Countertestimony 09/2012
Living Toward a Vision 08/1982
Low-Back, Ladder-Back, Cane-Bottom Chair 12/2013
Mandate to Difference 01/2006
Mandate to Difference [ePub Ebook] 01/2007
Many Voices One God 01/1998
Moses, 2nd Ed. 07/2011
Peace 05/2001
Power, Providence, & Personality 10/1990
Praying the Psalms 05/2007
Prophetic Imagination [Adobe Ebook] 06/2001
Psalmist's Cry 12/2010
Psalmist's Cry, DVD + Book 12/2010
Psalms 02/2014
Reality, Grief, Hope 02/2014
Remember You Are Dust 06/2012
Revelation & Violence 05/2014
Reverberations of Faith 09/2002
Sabbath as Resistance 01/2014
Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary - 1 & 2 Kings 10/2000
Solomon 09/2005
Spirituality of the Psalms 11/2001
Struggling with Scripture 02/2010
Subversive Obedience 10/2011
Texts for Preaching - Year a 02/2014
Texts for Preaching - Year B 02/2014
Texts for Preaching Year A 07/1995
Texts for Preaching, Year B [ePub Ebook] 01/1993
Texts That Linger, Words That Explode 03/2000
The Bible Makes Sense 06/2003
The Book That Breaths New Life 01/2011
The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann 01/2012
The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann, Volume 2 03/2015
The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann, Volume 2 [ePub Ebook] 03/2015
The Covenanted Self 01/1999
The Creative Word, Second Edition 08/2015
The Hebrew Prophets After the Shoah 06/2014
The Hebrew Prophets After the Shoah [ePub Ebook] 06/2014
The Message of the Psalms 01/1985
The Practice of Homefulness 03/2014
The Practice of Homefulness [ePub Ebook] 03/2014
The Practice of Prophetic Imagination 01/2012
The Prophetic Imagination 06/2001
The Psalms and the Life of Faith 09/1995
The Theology of the Book of Jeremiah 11/2006
The Theology of the Book of Jeremiah 11/2006
The Theology of the Book of Jeremiah [Adobe Ebook] 11/2006
The Threat of Life 09/1996
The Vitality of Old Testament Traditions 12/1996
The Word Militant 01/2008
The Word Militant 10/2010
The Word on the Street 09/2006
The Word That Redescribes the World 01/2011
Theology of the Old Testament 06/2012
To Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly 10/1997
Transforming Culture 10/2008
Truth Speaks to Power 03/2013
Truth-Telling as Subversive Obedience 07/2011
Using God's Resources Wisely 08/1993
Using God's Resources Wisely [ePub Ebook] 08/1993
Westminster Bible Companion - Isaiah 1-39 10/1998
Westminster Bible Companion - Isaiah 40-66 10/1998
Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land 07/2014
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