Crystal Bowman
Crystal Bowman is no stranger to children's publishing.  She has been writing children's books for nearly two decades and is a best selling author of over 60 books for children.  Over one million copies of her books have sold internationally and five of her books were on the CBA best sellers list in 2007-2008.  Besides writing children's books, she has also written three books for women, numerous magazine articles, Bible study materials, teacher resource books nd over 100 lyrics for children's piano music.

Crystal and her husband live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  They have been married for thirty-five years and have three grown children.
Other Selections by Crystal Bowman

TitlePublication Date
A Star for Jesus 08/2006
A Star for Jesus 10/2014
An Easter Gift for Me 01/2014
Devotions for Beginning Readers 10/2014
Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? 06/2017
Does God Take Naps? 06/2017
Elijah and King Ahab 03/2012
Is God Always with Me? 12/2005
J Is for Jesus 09/2005
Jake Goes Fishing 06/2007
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 02/2011
Jesus Feeds the Hungry 08/2012
Jesus Raises Lazarus 02/2011
Jesus, Me, and My Christmas Tree 09/2013
Joshua Crosses the Jordan 02/2011
Little David Sings for the King 05/2010
Little David's Brave Day 05/2010
M Is for Manger 09/2015
M Is for Manger 10/2016
Mommy, May I Hug the Fish? 06/2007
Mommy, May I Hug the Fish? / Mama 04/2009
My ABC Bible 09/2012
My ABC Prayers 09/2012
My Christmas Stocking 09/2015
My Grandma & Me 09/2012
My Happy Pumpkin 08/2014
My Mama and Me 08/2013
My Thanksgiving Prayer 08/2013
My Valentine Story 12/2006
Otter and Owl and the Big Ah-Choo! 11/2008
Our Daily Bread for Kids 12/2014
Our Daily Bread for Kids 08/2016
Our Daily Bread for Pre-Schoolers 07/2016
Princess Grace and Poppy 07/2012
Princess Joy's Party 07/2012
The One Year Book of Devotions for Preschoolers 08/2004
The Prodigal Son 02/2011
Whit's End Mealtime Devotions 03/2013
Whit's End Mealtime Devotions 10/2013
Will I See You Today? 01/2011
Zacchaeus Meets Jesus 03/2012