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Other Selections by Marcus J. Borg

TitlePublication Date
Conflict, Holiness, and Politics in the Teaching of Jesus 06/1998
Conversations with Scripture - The Gospel of Mark 07/2009
Evolution of the Word 08/2012
God at 2000 04/2002
Jesus 03/2007
Jesus 02/2008
Living the Heart of Christianity 11/2006
Putting Away Childish Things 04/2010
Putting Away Childish Things 05/2011
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time 02/2002
Speaking Christian 04/2012
Speaking Christian 03/2013
The Apocalyptic Jesus 01/2001
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus 01/0001
The First Christmas 10/2009
The First Paul 03/2009
The First Paul 03/2010
The Heart of Christianity 08/2004
The Last Week 01/2007
The Meaning of Jesus 09/2007
The Once and Future Jesus 01/2000