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Other Selections by Thomas O''Loughlin

TitlePublication Date
Adomnan and the Holy Places 11/2007
Explaining the Lectionary for Readers 07/2008
Faithful Reading 03/2012
Faithful Reading 01/2014
Liturgical Resources for Luke's Year 04/2007
Liturgical Resources for Matthew's Year 03/2008
Liturgical Resources for the Year of Mark 01/2009
Making the Most of the Lectionary [ePub Ebook] 08/2012
Newman 12/2001
Sacred Time in Early Christian Ireland 08/2007
Saint Patrick - The Man and His Works 03/1999
The Eucharist 03/2015
The Eucharist 03/2015
The Eucharist [ePub Ebook] 01/2015
Washing Feet 12/2015
Washing Feet [ePub Ebook] 12/2015