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Other Selections by Wendell Berry

TitlePublication Date
A Timbered Choir 03/1999
Andy Catlett 07/2009
Blessed Are the Peacemakers 10/2005
Bread & Wine 11/2014
Bringing It to the Table 08/2009
Given 05/2005
Given 03/2006
Hannah Coulter 09/2005
Jayber Crow 08/2001
Jayber Crow 05/2007
Leavings 10/2009
Life is a Miracle 04/2001
Living the Sabbath [ePub Ebook] 12/2006
Nature as Measure 10/2011
Our Only World 02/2015
Remembering 05/2008
The Art of the Commonplace 08/2003
The Gift of Good Land 05/2009
The Memory of Old Jack 10/1999
The Memory of Old Jack 04/2007
The Way of Ignorance 10/2005
This Day 10/2013
This Day 09/2014
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