Bud Rogers
Bud Rogers is a cartoonist and editor and has been very active in the Christian Comics community for the past fifteen years. Bud uses his organizational and management skills to assist artists and writers in realizing their creative visions.
Other Selections by Bud Rogers

TitlePublication Date
Battle Between 05/2012
Berlin Breakout 02/2008
Child of Destiny 02/2008
Fights, Flights, and the Chosen Ones 02/2008
Final Face Off 05/2012
Hope from Persia 05/2012
I was an Eighth Grade Ninja 07/2007
Indoctrination 10/2008
P.O.D. 08/2008
Power Play 12/2008
Pyramid Peril 07/2007
Rebuilding Faith 08/2009
Revelation 05/2012
Secret Alliance 08/2008
Son of Samson and the Tears of Jehovah 05/2012
Son of Samson and the Witch of Endor 08/2013
The Argon Deception 05/2008
The Battle for Argon Falls 05/2012
The Heroes of God 04/2009
The Maiden of Thunder 02/2008
The Prophet's Oracle 02/2008
The Raiders of Joppa 05/2008
The Writing on the Wall 10/2008
Time Trap 08/2009
Transformation 05/2012
Trips, Ships, and the Ultimate Vision 05/2012
Tunnel Twist-Up 06/2008
Turtle Trouble 07/2007