Henri J.M. Nouwen
Henri J. M. Nouwen has found a wide receptive audience to his books on modern spirituality. He was a teacher of pastoral theology at Notre Dame, the Yale Divinity School and at Harvard University. He was also a frequent visitor and “ family brother” at the Abbey of the Genesee in upstate New York. His many books include "The Return of the Prodigal Son," "Reaching Out," "Clowning in Rome," "With Open Hands," "Making All Things New," "Out of Solitude," and "The Genesee Diary," He died in his native Netherlands in 1996.
Other Selections by Henri J.M. Nouwen

TitlePublication Date
A Cry for Mercy 03/2002
A Letter of Consolation 04/2009
A Spirituality of Caregiving 04/2011
A Spirituality of Fundraising 01/2011
Beyond the Mirror 09/2001
Can You Drink the Cup? 10/2006
Clowning in Rome 07/2000
Creative Ministry 08/1991
Dare to Journey with Henri Nouwen 10/2000
Desert Wisdom 09/2002
Finding My Way Home 09/2004
Finding My Way Home 01/2008
Henri Nouwen 09/2001
In the Name of Jesus 10/1992
Life of the Beloved 10/2002
Lifesigns 01/1989
Out of Solitude 10/2004
Sabbatical Journey 09/2000
The Heart of Henri Nouwen 07/2003
The Living Reminder 11/2009
The Road to Daybreak 09/1990
The Road to Peace 03/2002
The Violence of Love 01/2004
The Way of the Heart 12/2003
The Way of the Heart 09/2009
The Wounded Healer 02/1979