Sophie Piper
Sophie Piper has written and compiled a number of successful prayer books including A Book of Prayers to Keep for Ever as well as Bible stories including the bestselling Bible Story Time series.
Other Selections by Sophie Piper

TitlePublication Date
A Gift for a Little Child's Baptism 11/2011
An Angel to Watch Over Me 05/2011
An Arkful Of Animal Prayers 02/2009
An Arkful of Animal Prayers 03/2009
Baby's First Bible 09/2014
Bible Blessings 10/2012
Daniel and the Lions 01/2014
David and Goliath 01/2014
Everyone Needs a Friend 03/2010
Everyone Needs a Hug 03/2010
Everyone Needs a Kiss 03/2010
Everyone Needs Love 03/2010
First Easter 01/2014
First Prayers at Bedtime 09/2012
First Prayers for Baby 09/2014
First Prayers with Jesus 09/2012
God Bless Me 08/2011
God Makes the World 01/2014
Goodnight Prayers 03/2009
Historias Favoritas de La Biblia 09/2013
How to Be Good 03/2009
I Can Say a Prayer 10/2011
Jesus and the Fishermen 01/2014
Jesus and the Prayer 01/2014
Jesus Is Born 10/2016
Jonah and the Whale 01/2014
Little Kitten's Friendship Book 06/2006
Little Teddy's Christmas Book 10/2000
Lost Sheep 01/2014
Lullaby and Goodnight 08/2011
Mi Libro del Bautismo 02/2011
Moses and the Princess 01/2014
My Baptism Album - Boy 03/2015
My Baptism Album - Girl 03/2015
My Baptism Book 04/2007
My Baptism Book (Larger Edition) 02/2013
My Baptism Gift Set 05/2016
My Best Bedtime Bible 01/2012
My First Holy Communion 03/2010
My Guardian Angel 04/2014
My Paraclete Bible Story Box 06/2016
My Story Time Bible 10/2012
Noah and the Flood 10/2008
Noah and the Flood 01/2014
Oraciones a la Hora de Dormir = First Prayers at Bedtime 08/2013
Our Father 05/2013
Prayers for a Better World 12/2010
Prayers for All Seasons 07/2011
Prayers for Each and Every Day 12/2008
Prayers for the Very Young 04/2008
Psalms, Prayers and Praises 04/2013
Ready, Steady, Grow! 09/2009
Thank You, God 01/2011
The Angel and The Dove 01/2010
The Angel and the Lamb 08/2009
The First Christmas 09/2008
The First Christmas 01/2014
The Good Bad Guy and Other Peculiar Parables 02/2004
The Life of Jesus 04/2013
The Lion Book of Prayers to Read and Know 02/2010
The Ten Commandments 03/2012
The Ultimate Kids and the Sacraments Set 12/2017
Thinking of Heaven 06/2009