Other Selections by Dillon Burroughs

TitlePublication Date
Activist Faith 07/2013
Activist Faith [ePub Ebook] 02/2014
Comparing Christianity with World Religions 04/2007
How Do We Know God Exists? 06/2008
How Do We Know the Bible Is True 06/2008
How Is Christianity Different from Other Religions 06/2008
Hunger No More 09/2012
Israel Under Fire 09/2009
Middle East Meltdown 02/2007
Misquotes in MISQUOTING JESUS [Adobe Ebook] 06/2006
Not in My Town 05/2011
Taking a Stand for the Bible 01/2009
The Facts on Halloween 08/2008
The Facts on Islam 08/2008
The Facts on Jehovah's Witnesses 08/2008
The Facts on Roman Catholicism 03/2009
The Facts on the Masonic Lodge 03/2009
The Facts on the Mormon Church 03/2009
Thirst No More 11/2011
Undefending Christianity 03/2011
What Can Be Found in Lost 12/2007
Why Does God Allow Suffering&evil 06/2008
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