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Other Selections by Jay Edward Adams

TitlePublication Date
A Theology of Christian Counseling 06/1986
Christ & Your Problems 01/1992
Christian Living in the Home 07/1989
Committed to Craftmanship 08/2004
Counsel from Psalm 119 12/1998
Critical Stages of Biblical Counseling 07/2004
Four Weeks W/God & Yr Neighbor 01/1992
Godliness Through Discipline 05/1972
Handbook of Church Discipline 11/1986
Helps for Counselors 05/1980
How to Handle Trouble 04/1983
How to Help People Change 07/1986
Insight & Creativity in Christian Counseling 07/2004
Is All Truth God's Truth? 07/2004
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible 05/1986
Meaning and Mode of Baptism 01/1992
Preaching According to the Holy Spirit 09/2000
Preaching to the Heart 07/2004
Preaching with Purpose 05/1986
Pulpit Speech 07/2004
Ready to Restore 02/1992
Romans, I & II Thessalonians, and Philippians 12/1999
Shepherding God's Flock 06/1986
Signs & Wonders 09/2000
Solving Marriage Problems 05/1986
Teaching to Observe 12/1996
The Christian Counselor's Casebook 05/1986
The Christian Counselor's Manual 06/1986
The Grand Demonstration 12/1999
The Heart of Anger 01/1998
The Place of Authority in Christ's Church 07/2004
The Practical Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling 07/2004
The Time of the End 07/2004
The Use of the Rod and Staff 01/2003
Timothy, Titus & You 09/2000
Truth Apparent 07/2004
Truth Applied 07/2004
What to Do When Counseling Fails 07/2004
Wrinkled But Not Ruined 12/1999
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