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Other Selections by Jay E. Adams

TitlePublication Date
A Call for Discernment 12/1999
A Thirst for Wholeness 12/1997
Bosquejos Selectos Para Predicar Al Corazon / Preaching to the Heart 09/2003
Christian Living in the World 12/1998
Day by Day Along the Way 01/2011
Encouragement Isn't Enough 12/2007
Fifty Difficult Passages Explained 10/2008
Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians & Philemon 12/1999
Greg Dawson and the Psychology Class 10/2008
Growing by Grace 07/2004
Hebrews, James, I & II Peter, and Jude 12/1999
Hope for the New Millennium 09/2000
How to Overcome Evil 08/2010
I & II Corinthians 12/1999
I & II Timothy, Titus 12/1999
Importance of Faith in Counseling 12/2007
Joyfully Counseling People with New Hearts 10/2008
Keeping the Sabbath Today? 10/2008
Life Under the Son 12/1999
Maintaining the Delicate Balance in Christian Living 12/1998
Preaching That Persuades 12/2007
Preaching with Parables 12/2007
Preterism 07/2004
Problems 09/2009
Proverbs 12/1999
The Case of the Hopeless Marriage 03/2007
Together for Good 11/2010
Types of People 05/2011
What to Do on Thursday 10/1995