Jen Hatmaker
Jen Hatmaker and her family live in Austin, Texas, where the city motto is "Keep Austin Weird," and they work hard to do their part. Jen's eight previous books include "Interrupted" and "A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study." She and her husband planted Austin New Church in an economically and ethnically diverse, socially unique, urban area of the city in 2008. They are in the greatest adventure of their lives, (thrilled to find out where they have planted is known as the "church planters graveyard") and have made some incredible new partnerships in ministry. They've seen their world turned upside down as they've considered what it means to ask God how to live and not just what to do. But it's a good upside down, as part of that discovery will be the addition of two children from Ethiopia set to join the three they already have. Together they will keep Austin weird and seek to glorify God as they do.
Other Selections by Jen Hatmaker

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