Other Selections by Gustavo Mazali

TitlePublication Date
365 Dias de Historias Biblicas Para Ninos 09/2013
A People of Faith 04/2011
Aventuras de la Biblia en Rompecabezas 09/2013
Christmas 01/2004
Creation 01/2004
David and the Kingdom of Israel 05/2012
David and the Kingdom of Israel, Retold 01/2009
Easter 01/2004
Elijah and the Great Prophets 05/2012
Elijah and the Great Prophets, Retold 01/2009
Gideon and the Time of the Judges 05/2012
Gideon and the Times of the Judges, Retold 01/2009
God Saves Daniel and His Friends 04/2011
God's Chosen People 04/2011
Historias de la Biblia 09/2013
Jesus and His Early Ministry 05/2012
Jesus and His Early Ministry, Retold 01/2009
Jesus Cares for Me 01/2012
Jesus Does Miracles and Heals People, Retold 01/2009
Jesus Is Risen 05/2012
Jesus Is Risen, Retold 01/2009
Jesus Loves You 09/2012
Jesus My Salvation 01/2012
Jesus Our Friend 09/2012
Jesus Our Teacher 01/2012
Jesus Teaches His Disciples 05/2012
Jesus Teaches His Disciples, Retold 01/2009
Jesus' Friends 01/2012
Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt 05/2012
Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt, Retold 01/2009
Joshua and the Promised Land 05/2012
Joshua and the Promised Land, Retold 01/2009
La Biblia de Angeles 09/2013
La Pequea Biblia en Rompecabezas 09/2013
Life of Jesus 09/2011
Mi Primera Biblia en Rompecabezas 09/2013
Mi Primera Biblia Portatil 09/2013
Moses and the People of God 05/2012
Moses and the People of God, Retold 01/2009
My Beginner's Touch and Feel Bible 01/2007
My Christmas Handy Bible 09/2011
My First Bible 01/2009
My First Handy Bible 01/2006
My First Puzzle Bible 04/2011
My First Touch and Feel Bible 01/2007
Noah and the People of Faith 05/2012
Noah and the People of Faith, Retold 01/2009
Noah's Ark 01/2004
Parables of the Bible 01/2009
Parables of the Bible 04/2011
Parbolas de la Biblia 09/2013
Paul and the Apostles Spread the Good News 05/2012
Paul and Ther Apostles Spread the Good News, Retold 01/2009
Stories of the Bible 01/2009
The Adventure Jigsaw Bible 01/2008
The Adventure Puzzle Bible 09/2011
The Angel Bible 01/2003
The Angel Bible 01/2009
The Beginner's Jigsaw Bible 01/2008
The Birth of Jesus 09/2011
The Coin That Was Lost 01/2004
The Emperor's New Clothes 01/2005
The Good Shepherd 09/2011
The Good Shepherd Jigsaw Bible 01/2008
The House on the Rock 01/2004
The Life of Jesus 09/2011
The Little Jigsaw Bible 01/2008
The Little Puzzle Bible 09/2011
The Princess and the Pea 01/2005
The Sheep That Was Found 01/2004
The Son Who Came Home 01/2004
The Story of Christmas 09/2011
The Story of Jesus 09/2011
Through Trials and Triumphs 09/2011