Other Selections by Gospel Publishing House

TitlePublication Date
364 Bible Lessons for PC Study Bible DVD-ROM 01/2009
Baseball Playbook 01/2013
Basketball Playbook 01/2013
Beyond the Gold Director Guide 01/2013
Beyond the Gold Recruitment and Training DVD and Bonus CD-ROM 01/2013
Breaking Free Cheer Training DVD and Bonus CD-ROM 01/2013
Breaking Free Coach Huddle Guide 01/2013
Breaking Free Director Guide 01/2013
Breaking Free Rally Guide 01/2013
Breaking Free Sports Flash 01/2013
Cheerleading Playbook 01/2013
Faith Case 01/2009
Faith Case Armor of God 01/2012
Faith Case Beatitudes 01/2011
Fire Bible for Kids-NIV 08/2011
Fire Bible for Kids-NIV 11/2011
Fire Bible for Kids-NKJV 02/2011
Fire Bible for Kids-NKJV 02/2011
Fire Bible for Kids-NKJV 02/2011
Highpoint Attitude Check Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Changed Inside Out Kit 01/2006
Highpoint Compassion Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Confidence Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Courage Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Courtesy Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Devotion Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Everyday Choices Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Faithfulness Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Generosity Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Good Anger, Bad Anger Kit 01/2006
Highpoint Good vs. Evil Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Gratefulness Kit 01/2009
Highpoint Hope Kit 01/2009
Highpoint Joy Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Leadership Kit 01/2009
Highpoint Ministry Now Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Obedience Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Overcoming Disappointment Kit 01/2006
Highpoint Patience Kit 01/2009
Highpoint Peer Pressure Kit 01/2009
Highpoint Perseverance Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Respect Kit 01/2006
Highpoint Responsibility Kit 01/2007
Highpoint Self-Esteem Kit 01/2007
Highpoint True Love Kit 01/2006
Highpoint Truth & Consequences Kit 01/2008
Highpoint Worship Kit 01/2007
Highponit Supernatural Kit 01/2009
La Vida En El Espiritu 01/2010
La Vida En El Espiritu 01/2010
La Vida En El Espiritu Ensenanza DVD/CD-ROM 01/2010
La Vida En El Espiritu, Juego 01/2009
Life & Ministry Skills Cooking Guide 07/2007
Living in the Spirit Kids Session CD-ROM with Bonus DVD 01/2010
Living in the Spirit Kit 01/2009
Living in the Spirit Teaching DVD & CD-ROM 01/2010
Manual de Referencia Para El Ministro de Educacion Cristiano 06/2011
Msc Beyond the Gold Art CD-ROM 01/2013
Msc Breaking Free Art CD-ROM* 01/2013
Purity Kit 01/2009
Soccer Playbook 01/2013
The New Believer's Handbook 01/2007
Welcome to Holsom 01/2013