Carolyn C. Brown
Carolyn C. Brown is a Certified Christian Educator in the Presbyterian Church USA.  She has over 30 years' experience in Christian Education in a variety of congregations covering five states, and she is a member of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators.

Other Selections by Carolyn C. Brown

TitlePublication Date
Developing Christian Education in the Smaller Church 01/1982
Forbid Them Not Year A 02/1992
Forbid Them Not Year B 02/1993
Forbid Them Not Year C 04/1994
Gateways to Worship 11/2000
Raising Children To Love Their Neighbors - eBook [ePub] 05/2008
Sharing the Easter Faith with Children 01/2006
Sharing the Easter Faith with Children - eBook [ePub] 07/2011
You Can Preach to the Kids Too! 07/1997