Joel B. Green
Joel B. Green is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Author of many books, he is also a General Editor of the Wesley Study Bible and the Common English Bible.

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Other Selections by Joel B. Green

TitlePublication Date
CEB Common English Bible Gospel Parallels 04/2012
CEB Common English Bible Wesley Study Bible 03/2016
CEB Common English Wesley Study Bible, DecoTone 11/2012
New Revised Standard Version Wesley Study Bible 02/2009
Reading Scripture as Wesleyans 05/2010
Reading Scripture as Wesleyans - eBook [ePub] 05/2010
Seized by Truth 08/2007
Seized by Truth - eBook [ePub] 09/2010
The CEB Study Bible 10/2013
The CEB Study Bible with Apocrypha 10/2013
The CEB Study Bible, Brown Bonded Leather 10/2013
The CEB Study Bible, Decotone 10/2013
What About the Soul? 06/2004
Why Mission? 11/2015
Why Salvation? 02/2014
Why Salvation? 02/2014
Why Salvation? - eBook [ePub] 02/2014
Why the Church? 03/2015
Why the Church? - eBook [ePub] 03/2015
Why the Cross? 11/2014
Why the Cross? 11/2014
Why The Cross? - eBook [ePub] 11/2014
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